Your Guide To Clear Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is radiant, beautiful, glowy and clear. It is the skin that everyone desires for! Someone has rightly said “take care of your skin; you will wear it for the rest of your life everyday”. Every word of the saying holds true. Your skin helps you to establish your first impression. Radiant and clear skin extrudes confidence and health, while dull and dry skin reflects poor health and lack of nourishment. How your skin looks is dependent on your genetics and a large part on the environmental factors. Your age, nutritional status, lifestyle, stress, pollution etc. have a deep impact on your skin health. Thus, it is very important how you take care of your skin.

Some steps are vital to follow in your skin care routine.


Cleansing is important to rid your skin of the dirt and grease. The choice of cleanser is made according to your skin type. Salicylic and glycolic acid based cleansers suit oily and acne prone skin. They have the ability to penetrate the oil glands and exfoliate the deep layer and oil. Dry and sensitive skin requires non soap based mild cleansers that do not make the skin dry. Cleansers should have appropriate pH so that the skin balance is not disturbed.


Toner helps to keep the skin pores closed. It also helps to keep the skin clean of the dirt, oil and other impurities. It helps to give your skin a refreshed look. Certain ingredients to look in your toner are green tea, aloe vera, tea tree oil, rose water etc. green tea works to rejuvenate the skin, aloe vera boosts hydration and soothes the skin, while rose water is excellent for dry and sensitive skin.


It is vital to keep skin hydrated and moisturized at all times. A well moisturized skin is supple and glowy. Dry skin appears wrinkled and aged. It is also prone to develop eczemas and itching.

Acne prone skin type, requires usage of non comedogenic products, to avoid acne flares.

Shea butter, aloevera, hyaluronic acid are some active ingredients that have good misturization.


A skin care product often ignored and forgotten in your skin care routine is sunscreen. It forms an important part of your skin care routine and is a must for all skin types and weathers. Different sunscreen formulations such as gels, gels, lotions, creams are available to suit different skin types.

Those indulging in activities involving heavy sweating such as gyming/swimming should opt for water resistant sunscreen. Broad spectrum sunscreen with minimum SPF of 30 is essential to protect the skin from UV damage. It has to be reapplied 3-4 hrly for effective sunprotection.

Disorders of pigmentation, photodamage , skin wrinkling and aging are some conditions that are affected by direct UV light exposure. UV light does damage at the cellular level causing oxidative injury. The fibre network undergoes breakdown causing skin to age and sag.

Healthy diet

Eating balanced healthy diet goes in long way in maintaining good skin health. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. They help to fight oxidative stress of the body. Seeds are essential oils are important for skin hydration and suppleness. Proteins, vitamins and minerals are important building blocks of skin. They are vital for healthy function of skin and hair.

Plenty of fluid intake

Drinking ample amounts of water daily is a must for keeping skin hydrated. Water also detoxifies the tissues of the impurities. Maintains skin elasticity and delays aging. It keeps the skin supple and improves complexion.

Regular exercise

Exercises increase the blood circulation to the skin, and helps supply essential nutrients to the cells. It adds to the glow and radiance of the skin. Sweating while exercising is also a way to detox the body by aiding the removal of toxins. It is great deterrent of wrinkles, fine lines and sagging. While excercising the facial muscles get toned and strengthened. It supports the skin better, improving firmness and elasticity. It has an revitalising effect on the body and skin.


Just a few minutes of meditation everyday can go a long way in improving skin complexion and radiance. Calm and peaceful mind is the stepping stone for clear and fresh skin. Meditation decreases the levels of stress hormones in the body, reducing the oxidative stress at the tissue level.

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