Online Dermatologist Consultation

Online Dermatologist Consultation

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Covid 19 pandemic has rocked our world!

While there is a lot that we all have suffered but the fact that this pandemic has taught us to survive with what we have and make the best use of the resources we have in hand cannot be denied. One such transformation had been noted in the field of medicine as well. Teleconsultation has been there for quite a while now, mainly used by hospitals to cater to needs of patients in the remote areas.

Online /teleconsultation in Dermatology was relatively underused until the pandemic bought our world to a standstill. But this can also be counted as a blessing in disguise. This facility is helping countless patients in need these days irrespective of the demographics. All that is required is a mobile & an internet connection and you can connect with any doctor of your choice from the comfort and safety of your personal space.

We at Meraki skin clinic, Gurgaon have also embraced this new transition as a welcome change.

  1. 1 to 1 Video Teleconsultation
  2. Advice from expert Dermatologists
  3. Schedule an appointment from your home.

Dermatology teleconsultation - a win win situation

  1. No need to suffer anymore
    Suppose that you are suffering from severe hair fall but of ourse when you weigh the risk benefit ratio, its better to defer your appointment with the dermatologist till the time it is safe to step out in the current scenario. But the more you wait the more thin your hair becomes and more visible your scalp is. Home remedies can only help to a certain level. There might be some deficiencies or any other cause for the hair fall which might need attention asap. Teleconsultation is your savior here. No need to wait, just get connected to the specialist, share some pictures if required, have a face to face video consultation. You are sorted.
  2. No need to step out
    Although we are all taking all the necessary precautions to protect ourselves but at times visiting a doctor becomes a necessity. Teleconsultation works best in such a situation. Book an appointment with your doctor and consult from the safety and comfort of your home without the risk of getting infected and passing on that infection to someone else.
  3. Avoid waiting time
    The average waiting time at a dermatology clinic is anywhere between 10-20 minutes. By opting for online consultation you can save that and the travel time too.
  4. Of course you are saving on cost and time of transportation by opting for online dermatology consultation
  5. Reduce the chances of catching a new illness
    No one can make sure that they have not come in contact with anyone sick while waiting at a doctor’s clinic or hospital. While everyone is doing their best to avoid such situation but they are not totally avoidable. Teleconsultation helps you avoid risk of exposure to many infections.
  6. Avoid long term complications
    Many skin problems like acne and melasma need to be treated as early as possible because they carry with them the risk of long term complications like scaring and deep pigmentation, which might take a long time to respond to treatment. At times few additional treatment modalities are also required to achieve a healthy glowing skin. All of this can be avoided and the eventual cost of treatment can be reduced by addressing these problems early on. With dermatology teleconsultation it is easier to reach out to your dermatologist as soon as possible

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