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Summers and Fungal Infections

In recent times we have witnessed a rise in fungal infection (ringworm) cases in India, and the resistance it has developed to common antifungals is something to worry about! Well today I am not going to talk about the various medications that we prescribe to treat it but certain important lifestyle modifications that can prevent fungal infection of the skin.

  • 1.Sweat – Sweating is a natural process, while some people sweat less, some do excessively. This body sweat provides a favorable environment to the fungi (organism responsible for fungal infection)to grow. One has to find a middle path, wherein as a normal function of the body there is sweating but it’s not capable of providing a breeding ground to the fungi.
    1. a.Use a mild soap to take a bath.
    2. b.Make sure to dry yourself thoroughly, especially the body folds. This is very important.
    3. c.Apply a water-based moisturizer all over the body immediately after drying yourself.
  • 2.Clothing – Light cotton clothes & other breathable fabrics are best during this time as they help in sweat evaporation naturally. It goes without saying that fabrics like jeans & gym wear if worn for a longer period of time would give a chance for the fungi to thrive.
  • 3.Try washing your clothes every day.
  • 4.Importance of sunlight – It’s the only natural way to get rid of the fungal spores, so make sure that your clothes are thoroughly dried in the sun. During the rainy season you should iron all your clothes, including undergarments.
  • 5.Make it a point to change all your clothes twice a day
  • 6.Coconut oil has antifungal properties, including it in your daily skin care helps.
  • 7.Stay active & exercise – Obesity & diabetes increases the chances of getting fungal infections, so in case if there is a positive personal or family history of diabetes, treat it & keep it under check always.
  • 8.DO NOT share your clothes & other articles of personal use with anyone.

In case if you suffer from ringworm (fungal infection - skin) DO NOT try to get a short fix by applying anything available over the counter. Most of these preparations contain steroids which in the long run can increase the infection & even cause thinning & redness of the skin along with many other side effects. Meraki Skin Clinic is qualified to treat fungal infections of the skin, hair & nail. Book your appointment to get a proper treatment, as if the fungi on your body becomes resistant to oral and topical antifungals then it becomes really difficult to treat & at times might affect your daily routine activities.

Stay aware, stay safe!

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