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The eyes tell more than words could ever say….

I guess this is not just a saying but the actual truth, though as a dermatologist I would like to make a correction to this saying by adding that the undereye area tell more than words could ever say .

Many a times I have come across patients who are genuinely happy, not sleep deprived at all & certainly not on any drugs but still their undereye pigmentation or puffiness makes them look sad & depressed & chronically sleep deprived.

So today I am going to decode this puzzle of undereye pigmentation for my dear readers!

The area around the eye is known as the periorbital area & hyperpigmentation in this area is commonly known as dark circles. Sometimes these become problematic to an extent of disturbing the confidence levels of an individual.According to an Indian study, the prevalence of periorbital hyperpigmentation is 30.76% & is most prevalent in females in the age group of 15-25 years

Multiple factors are responsible for dark circles:
1. Hereditary – if either of your parents have got them, there is a strong chance that you might also get them
2. Thin translucent skin of the eyelid – this makes the various small blood vessels running under that area really prominent & theshadow of the blood makes the area look dark
3. Excessive melanin deposition
4. Ageing – as we age, the skin loses its elasticity, more so from the periorbital region & the folds makes the area lookdarker.
5. Medical &Dermatological conditions – certain medical conditions too contribute to periorbital melanosis such diseases of the liver, kidney & thyroid issues, vitamin K deficiency, atopic dermatitis, pigmentary demarcation lines, periorbital melasma, periorbital acanthosis nigricans to name a few.

By the way, you need not worry about all these big words as these conditions have a host of other signs and symptoms too & most of these are hereditary.

As far as the diet goes, understand that a generally good and nutritious diet is beneficial for the entire body & in the process helps the undereye pigmentation too but one cannot entirely depend upon it to get rid of them.

For that matter even stress is not good for the entire body & so it does increase the dark circles. How smoking & excessive alcohol consumption are linked to dark circles remains a mystery, in any case these habits are not gonna add any value to your life so why practice them.

Now, about the treatment part…

Prevention is better than cure!

Dark circles demand a lot of diligent maintenance, so ideally after consulting your dermatologist & getting yourself investigated for the required blood parameters, you should try to follow the treatment plan designed by the doctor for you. Combination treatment delivers better results.

Start with a undereye cream or gel – these can be a combination of Vitamin K, arbutin, licorice extract, retinoids, hydroquinone vitamin C&E. This would prepare your skin for further treatments like chemical peels & lasers. A milder combination of the above would be used for maintenance in the future too.

These days various combinations of peels are available in gel base which are not only very effective for the periorbital area but also totally safe. Make sure to get done from a dermatologist only, as these have to be used carefully & in the right concentration.

Hyaluronic acid based treatment can also change the look from exhausted & tired to fresh & rejuvenated. Dermal fillerswork wonderfully & impart a more youthful appearance but again make sure to get it done from an expert.

I also like to put my patients on a combination of various oral antioxidants & certain vitamins just to aid in the treatment.

Home remedies like potato juice application & cold cucumber slices do help but consistency is the key here.

So, I guess if you have been patient enough to read this entire post you would be consistent in your treatment & be persistent in your journey towards achieving your dream skin!

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