All About Laser Hair Reduction

Waxing, shaving & threading are beautiful scary words! Beautiful because once you have taken a session of these at your favorite salon you add to your beauty quotient & scary because these methods of getting rid of unwanted body hair are painful, also you have to go through this painful experience once every 15-20 days.

Well, there are still many people who prefer these old barbaric ways over latest & safe technologies to look and feel more polished but only because they are still unaware about the science behind laser hair reduction.

What is laser hair reduction?
It is one of the most commonly done cosmetic procedures around the world wherein a highly concentrated beam of light is targeted towards the pigment in the hair follicles which in turn absorbs the light and destroys the hair follicle. This mechanism is also known as selective photo-thermolysis.

What are the benefits of laser hair reduction?
As the laser targets only dark & coarse hair, the surrounding skin is not damaged. Many hairs can be treated at the same time in a particular area as each laser pulse takes fraction of a second. Also, the results are pretty much predictable. It can be used to remove unwanted hair on the face, arms, legs, underarms, trunk, back, bikini line etc.

What are the Prerequisites before undergoing laser hair reduction?
Any healthy individual above the age of twelve years can undergo laser hair reduction. It is important to consult a dermatologist to rule out hirsutism (thick, black hair over chin, jawline, areola, chest and thighs in females) and associated polycystic ovarian disease as both would require active treatment in order for the laser hair reduction procedure to work successfully.

How to prepare for Laser Hair Reduction?
When planning to go for laser hair reduction, one should quit waxing, plucking & bleaching at least four weeks prior to the first session and during the time interval between the session too one should refrain from doing any of these as the laser targets the hair roots which are removed by waxing, plucking etc. Regular use of sunscreen is adviceable.

What to expect during a session of laser hair reduction?
Just before the procedure, the hair over the treatment area is shaved or trimmed under strict aseptic environment. Numbing cream might be applied at least 30-40 mins prior to the session over sensitive areas like upper lips, under arms, bikini line- this really varies from patient to patient. Parameters of the laser are adjusted based upon the patient’s skin type, thickness & location of hair. Both, the therapist & patient are required to wear protective eye wear. Next, a cooling gel is applied over the treatment area to ensure better penetration of the laser before starting with the session. At the completion of each session, some anti inflammatory cream & sunscreen is applied (on exposed areas such as the face and arms ) over the treated area.

What are the reactions to watch out for post treatment session?
Although, we at Meraki Skin Clinic use the best FDA approved lasers & other equipments which have minimal to zero side effect profile but as everyone’s skin reacts differently, occasionally some patients might experience mild to moderate reactions like burning sensation, redness, blister formation & folliculitis. All of these are very much manageable by topical and oral antibiotics/anti-inflammatory drugs.

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