Laser Hair Removal

Meraki Skin Clinic : Assuring safe and effective laser hair removal

Meraki Skin Clinic : Assuring safe and effective laser hair removal.

Unwanted hair growth is obnoxious and more so when the removal procedures are painful such as Waxing, results lasting for a small duration between 15-20 days. Others such as shaving and hair removal creams often provide a day of two relief and mostly an irritated skin due to harmful chemicals the skin is exposed to. How about a safe, long term, straightforward answer to this hair removal process? Laser hair removal facilitated by expert dermatologists are Meraki Skin Clinic is your answer for flawless and smooth skin.

One of the Best Skin clinics in Gurgaon, Meraki Skin Clinic, has years of experience delivering safe and effective laser treatment to many clients. This procedure is performed under expert dermatologists’ consultation, whose guidance before, during, and after the system has helped clients achieve fabulous results and helped the clinic scale on popularity charts.

Laser Hair removal utilizes pulsed laser light, which is absorbed by the melanin (skin pigment). This converts into heat energy and damages hair follicles, thus inhibiting or delaying hair growth. This procedure provides long-lasting effects which may vary depending on the hair growth of an individual.

Before the procedure, the hair on the identified treatment area is smoothly shaven or cut under strict sterile surroundings. Desensitizing cream is applied for a minimum of 30-40 minutes before the session. Sensitive areas such as upper lips, underarms, Bikini area may need additional care while the procedure is being performed. Both the healer & patient must compulsorily wear protecting eyewear to protect the eyes from the laser light. Next, a cooling gel is applied over the treatment area to assure the optical maser’s penetration before the session. The length of the procedure may vary depending on the hair follicles present and the area’s sensitivity. After every session, an anti-inflammatory cream suited for that skin type is applied over the treated area.

Consult Meraki Skin clinic, one of Gurgaon’s best skin clinics, for removing unwanted hair growth with their safe and effective laser procedures to help unveil a beautiful and confident you.

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