Laser Hair Removal

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Waxing, shaving & threading area unit stunning, chilling words! Stunning as a result of once you have got taken a session of those at your favorite salon. Chilling as a result of these ways of obtaining obviate unwanted hair area unit painful. Additionally, you have got to travel through this painful expertise once every 15-20 days. Any guesses for the best solution? Get Laser hair removal, and flawless skin follows your way!

Their area unit still many folks preferring these recent barbaric ways that over the latest & safe technologies seem and feel additionally polished, however, solely due to their still being unaware of the science behind optical maser hair reduction.

As the optical maser targets solely dark & coarse hair, the encompassing skin isn't broken. Every optical maser pulse takes a fraction of a second. Also, the results area unit just about predictable. Thus, Meraki Skin Clinic is the best Best Skin clinic in gurgaon. It beholds the best doctors that master all the therapies they provide to the people.

Any healthy individual higher than the age of twelve years will bear optical maser hair reduction. Each would need active treatment so as for the optical maser hair reduction procedure to figure with success.

Before the procedure, the hair over the treatment space is smooth-shaven or cut underneath strict sterile surroundings. Desensitizing cream may well be applied a minimum of 30-40 minutes before the session. Oversensitive areas like higher lips, underarms, two-piece line- this very varies from patient to patient. Both the healer & patient area unit needed to wear protecting eyewear. Next, a cooling gel is applied over the treatment space to confirm the higher penetration of the optical maser before beginning the session. After every session, some anti-inflammatory cream & cream is applied over the treated area.

Laser hair removal was never the best before Meraki Skin Clinic started serving!

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