Online expert consultations for all your skin complications.

Online expert consultations for all your skin complications.

Skin being the largest organ of the body, is prone to issues arising mainly due to irritation, clogging of pores, allergies, itching, etc., which can cause scarring if not treated on a timely basis. Common skin issues, namely acne, pimples, excessive aging lines, dull skin, and balding, may also be responsible for lowering an individual’s self-esteem. Get an Online Dermatologist Consultation from Meraki Skin Clinic to remediate skin problems via their range of holistic treatments.

Meraki Skin Clinic is a name synonymous with clinical excellence with a range of customized treatments suited for an individual’s skin type and is trusted by many. With skin experts and dermatologists available around the clock, their years of expertise facilitate safe and effective procedures being performed. Their post-procedural care and consultation advice have influenced lives. An online consultation at helps diagnose the issue and provide treatment before suggesting clinical methods for long term benefits.

Some of the specialized treatments that can be procured at Meraki Skin Clinic are:

  1. Acne management
    Acne is a condition where hair follicles get clogged with oil, dirt leading to uninflamed blackheads on the skin, leading to pus-filled pimples or red bumps. Acne is treated using various medications & cosmeceuticals treatment.
  2. Pigmentation management
    Changes in skin pigmentation cause scarring and darkening of the skin. It is remediated using chemical peel treatment, Q switch laser, mesotherapy, serum electroporation, and microdermabrasion.
  3. Anti-aging
    Various minimally invasive skin treatments such as botox, fillers, PRP, micro-needling, radiofrequency, and thread lift help reduce sagginess and laxity. They help in improving fine lines besides early signs of aging.
  4. Scar reduction
    Scarring happens post-trauma, acne, skin infections such as chickenpox, etc. Expert Dermatologists at Meraki Skin Clinic treat scars using Micro-needling radiofrequency, a state of the art technology.
  5. Laser hair reduction
    Pulsed light or laser is employed to remove hair and has shown long-lasting results. Skin experts at Meraki Skin Clinic provide pre and post consultation for safe and defective products without side effects.
  6. Chemical peels
    By exfoliating dead skin help in reducing acne, acne spots, pigmentation, fine lines.
    This treatment is used for treating hair loss and facial rejuvenating.
  8. Dull Skin treatment
    Dull skin, due to various factors such as stress, lifestyle disorders, is treated to induce confidence in an individual. These include treatments such as oxy facial, photo facial.
  9. Skin biopsy
    A portion of the skin is diagnosed to create chronic skin diseases.

For the best Online Dermatologist Consultation to pamper your skin and see noticeable results in a few sittings, consult Meraki Skin Clinic.

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