Skin Care For Brides To Be

Skin Care For Brides To Be

Every bride, irrespective of what trousseau she is going to wear, what kind of make-up she would go for on her wedding day, has one common wish- flawless skin!

While some inherit that flawless skin, others must put in some effort to achieve it. Skincare should certainly be a part of early pre-bridal preparations, as our skin takes some time to adapt to different/new combinations and treatments.

So, here is a checklist for skincare recommended by the expert team of dermatologists at Meraki Skin Clinic, Gurugram for all you brides to be.

  1. Eat your way to healthy skin

    When it comes to skin health, nothing works as well as food. Food is not only a source of energy and nutrition, but it also has medicinal qualities. Every bride should work on increasing her awareness about which food she should include in her diet and what she should avoid for effectively dealing with any particular skin issue.

    Having more antioxidant-rich food can help fend off the free radicals from the body and aid in clearing up issues like acne and pigmentation. Similarly, restricting the consumption of dairy, sugar and processed food would cure and reduce the chances of seborrhea, dandruff and acne.

    Also, drink lots of water to get naturally hydrated and supple skin and enhance the effectiveness of your make-up.

  2. Protection from Ultraviolet radiation

    The damage that excessive exposure to UV radiation does is not something that can just go away in one session of a body polish at a salon or chemical peel at the clinic. As a bride-to-be, there is a lot going on, including shopping, rituals, meeting people, venue hunting etc.

    Find a good sunscreen that suits your skin type as per the weather. The ideal way to use sunscreen is to apply it 30 mins before stepping out in the sun and reapply every 3-4 hours while you are out during the day.

    Sunscreen becomes even more important if you are taking any kind of treatment from dermatologists or after regular facials. Protecting the eyes around the skin is also equally important as exposure to UV radiation can cause wrinkles, fine lines, and pigmentation in the area. So, flaunt those shades when you are stepping out in the sun.

    It is recommended you take the help of a dermatologist in order to ensure the best skin care.

  3. Exercise

    Working out those muscles is good for you in every way. It’ll keep you fit, regularize your hormones and metabolism which would finally show on your skin and as a bonus, all your outfits would fit well.

    Regular exercise also helps in clearing acne and dandruff. Many females these days suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) which might not just be limited to disturbed periods but may also show up as acne, oily skin and scalp, hirsutism and diffuse pigmentation.

    Exercise can help reduce these distressing effects substantially. When the overall blood circulation improves, it results in a healthy body and skin. At the same time, if you notice any skin issues assenting to PCOD flaring up despite your efforts, do not shy away from consulting a dermatologist.

  4. Prescription-strength Cosmeceuticals

    When it’s time for you to prepare your skin for the special day, switch over to prescription strength formulations of serums, creams, lotion, night creams etc. not only are they relatively safe but also more effective than OTC products.

    It is a good idea to consult a dermatologist and take added guidance to understand your skin type, and issues if any and get targeted therapy much in advance before the wedding day. The team of dermatologists at Meraki Skin Clinic in Gurugram are competent and approachable and can help you deal with all your harrowing skin concerns deftly.

  5. Medi-facials

    Meraki Skin Clinic in Gurgaon offers different types of potent facials that use serums and solutions as per the specific skin concern and type, which differ from regular salon facials and deliver targeted therapy.

    Medi-facial exfoliates the superficial dead layer of the skin and deeply cleanses the pores, which enhances the absorption of all creams, serums etc. that you apply on your face routinely. The eventual outcome is the healthy, supple and glowing skin that you might have yearned for.

    Korean BB Glow treatment is another type of Medi-facial which makes the skin achieve the dream-like dewy finish and ultimate glow.

  6. Specialised treatment plans

    Depending upon what timeline a bride-to-be is at, the dermatologists at Meraki Skin Clinic can suggest a few specialized treatments based on your skin type or concern.

    For instance, someone suffering from severe acne should seek treatment at least six months prior to the wedding day. Acne clears, and treatment for spots and scars once initiated, would require a few sessions to be repeated every few weeks, and would quintessentially take a couple of months.

    The same goes for girls suffering from melasma or other severe forms of hyperpigmentation, chronic hair loss and thinning, under eye and lip pigmentation etc. The time required for the treatment depends upon your skin type and the severity of the skin issues.

  7. Laser Hair Reduction

    Laser Hair Reduction (LHR) has become the most popular way to get rid of unwanted body hair amongst brides these days as it is highly effective and indeed bearable as compared to painful waxing sessions. After a few sessions, the hair growth is either totally gone or is negligible, which is never the case with waxing or shaving. Moreover, you can get rid of issues like in-grown hair, itchiness, redness, and ‘strawberry legs’ that are typically associated with waxing and shaving.

    LHR should be initiated at least 8-10 months prior to the wedding day to experience its full effect.

    All these skincare tips for would-be brides are scientifically proven and have been recommended by our highly-experienced team of dermatologists at Meraki Skin Clinic, Gurugram. You can get in touch with them to seek expert advice on any of your skin or hair concerns. Rest assured, you will get the best credible advice that your skin deserves!

Now no need to search for answers online anymore, We have got you covered! Call us at +91-8448407278 for online consultation with Expert at Meraki and get the solution of all your skin and hair concerns.

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