Growth Factor Concentrate

Growth Factor Concentrate

Growth factor concentrate is a novel treatment at Meraki skin clinic for treating hair loss and skin rejuvenation. This therapy is step ahead than normal PRP and is being promoted as advanced PRP at the clinic. Improvement in texture and density of the hair and control in hair loss are seen after 3-4 sessions of the treatment. Excellent results are seen in skin quality improvement after 3 sessions.

It gives better results than conventional PRP and has far better patient acceptability. GFC is a concentrate of autologous growth factors derived from patients own blood. Different growth factors are contained inside the platelets, present inside tiny vessels. These are harvested and injected in the tissues to give desired results. Some of the important growth factors along with their function are enumerated below.

PDGF (Platelet derived growth factor):

Stimulates hair growth

Improves microcirculation around the hair follicles

Stimulates stem cell proliferation

VEGF (Vascular endothelial growth factor)

Regulates and improves microcirculation around the follicles

EFG (Epidermal growth factor)

Supports hair growth in scalp and dermal tissue proliferation in the skin

IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor)

Stimulates hair growth and supports blood supply of the tissues.


Patients blood is withdrawn in specially designed patented tubes. The tubes are allowed to stand for 30 mins. This activates growth factors present inside tiny packets. The concentrate rich in growth factors is separated at 3400 rpm for 10 mins. The sterile acellular concentrate is ready for injection.


About 3-4 sessions, one month apart are recommended to achieve desired results. Repeat sessions at 6-12 monthly intervals thereafter are sufficient to maintain the effect.


  • Newer innovation. Utilizes latest technology to segregate the growth factors from the blood.
  • High safety profile since prepared from patients own blood.
  • Superior results, since direct concentrate of growth factors is used. Results seen in fewer sessions compared to PRP.
  • Lesser injection pain. Since the concentrate is devoid to cells such as WBC and RBC, the pain of injection is much less.
  • Simple procedure with minimum complications. Concentrate is sterile with minimal infection risk.


Hair fall/ thinning is a common concern among men and women. Nutritional deficiency, poor scalp health, dandruff, hormonal imbalance etc. are certain issues that affect hair health and growth. Growth factors contained in our blood have rejuvenation and healing properties for the hair follicle. It helps to strengthen the hair roots and grow new follicles and increase the thickness of the existing hairs. This in turn improves the hair density and volume. 3-4 sessions of GFC treatment at monthly intervals give the following effect on the scalp:

  • Decreases hair fall
  • Stimulates new hair growth
  • Improves hair thickness
  • Adds strength to the hair


Environmental factors such as pollution, climate, and diet take a heavy toll on our skin in our day to day life. These along with intrinsic aging breakdown the collagen of the skin leading to sagging and dullness. Appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and open pores are a result of collagen breakdown. Growth factors stimulate collagen production underneath the skin improving texture and firmness of the skin. Remodelling of the dermal complex and building collagen support is vital for antiaging and sagging control. Since the preparation is autologous, there is no risk of allergies/side effects. It does not utilize any foreign material/ substance. GFC is an highly effective treatment with minimal downtime. It can be safely combined with other treatments such as lasers, chemical peels,botox and fillers. GFC sessions have the following effect on the skin:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Adds glow to the skin
  • Improves texture of the skin
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles


GFC treatment has minimal side effects since it is prepared from patients own blood. It is sterile, safe, autologous concentrate of growth factors.


Book an appointment at Meraki skin clinic to know more about this novel treatment. Thorough assessment of your hair and skin is done to identify your needs. The procedure is carried under strict aseptic conditions using the best quality tubes for GFC preparation. The procedure is supervised by our skin experts to deliver the best results.

Consult our experts to get the BEST Growth Factor Concentrate TREATMENTS IN GURGAON.

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