Having you always been dreaming of that silky smooth skin? Think of being summer ready always and not being bothered about underarm hair before wearing sleeveless. The only solutions to all these is Laser hair reduction (LHR). This revolutionary technology has made lives of men and women hassle free. It is the only permanent solution for your unwanted hair growth. With increasing popularity of the procedure, more and more men are opting for it for beard shaping and chest hair.

Till now we have been using temporary methods of hair removal such as waxing, bleach, depilatory creams etc. these methods not only provide short term results but also harm the skin in the long run. Problems of pigmentation, allergic reaction, post waxing folliculitis are common to occur. Laser hair reduction not only helps to achieve permanent hair reduction, but is also free from these adverse effects. Its highly cost effective when compared to lifelong waxing or bleaching!


Laser hair reduction is a state of the art technology to get rid of unwanted body hair. A beam of laser light is targeted at the hair roots. This beam has a specific wavelength and it selectively targets the pigment in the hair, without the surrounding skin. With repeated sessions, the hair roots shrink in size, converting the thick terminal hair to fine vellus hair. Eventually, the hair roots shrink completely, and at the end of 6-8 sessions, 70-80% reduction in hair numbers can be expected on the body. The hair undergoes three phases- anagen (growth phase), catagen (resting phase) and telogen (shedding phase). The laser light works only on the growing or anagen phase. This is the reason for the need of multiple sessions, since 20-30% of hair is in the anagen phase at a time.


The hair in the area to be treated is razed off. After this, beam of laser light is shone on the hair follicle roots. Different laser wavelengths such as diode, IPL, Nd YAG are used in LHR. Before treating sensitive areas such as bikini, upper lip numbing cream is applied for 30-40 mins. Duration of the session is dependent on the area to be treated. Good hygiene standards are maintained throughout.


Safety of laser hair reduction has been established in Indian skin type. It is being used with safety for more than a decade. Newer innovations are constantly being added to it to make it more and more patient friendly. More and more patients wanting to opt for the treatment itself speaks of the results and safety profile.FDA approved technology with inbuilt cooling system, decreases the chances of burns to nil. Patented in built cooling technology protects skin by decreasing temperature andmaking procedure comfortable for the patient. It highly increases the comfort level.

The procedure can be undertaken by both men and women. A thorough medical evaluation by your doctor will help to rule out any contraindications and help you to understand the expected results, ensuring better patient satisfaction.


  1. Avoid direct sun exposure few weeks pre and post procedure.
  2. Avoid waxing/bleaching of hair before/during laser sessions.
  3. Use sunscreen after a laser session
  4. Moisturize area well after the session.
  5. If you experience and sort of burning, redness after the session, immediately report to your doctor.

LHR experience at MERAKI

At Meraki we strive to offer the best LHR experience to our patients. This is a cumulative effort our state of the art technology lasers, well trained staff and expert doctors. We use machines for hair reduction which is FDA approved. FDA approval implies that the machine has been found to be safe and effective in different skin types. We recommend 6-8 sessions for best results.

At Meraki, our doctors customize the treatment to suit your skin and hair type. We provide to our patients the latest and safest option in aesthetics. Considering the current COVID 19 situation, we are following all safety precautions at the clinic. Temperature recording, proper sanitization and use of masks have been made mandatory in carrying out the routine procedures.

Meraki skin clinic will surely offer you the best experience in laser hair reduction in Gurugram. Contact Meraki skin clinic to book your laser trial!


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