Since you have clicked on this page, you have likely spent a good amount of time mending your eyebrows; trying to showcase them as dense, bold and beautiful. And perhaps, you have not been too happy with the efforts or the eventual outcome.

Well, if you have been browsing for ‘microblading eyebrows near me,’ or ‘ microblading in Gurgaon,’ you are absolutely at the right place. Read on to learn about microblading and how it can help you get gorgeous eyebrows for a long time.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that makes use of a small hand-held microblade tool with tiny needles to fill in the sparse eyebrow areas and make them look fuller.

The microblade tool is used to manually draw fine hair strokes and deposit colour pigments on the skin that resemble natural hair.

The colour effect might fade over a period of time and you might need touch-ups to maintain the look you desire. The frequency of fading isn’t the same for everyone and it normally depends on the skin type and lifestyle.

How is microblading done?

Microblading is usually done by a trained esthetician or a dermatologist in a safe, hygienic and comfortable environment. Before the procedure begins, the esthetician will explain to you all the nuances of the procedure, and also make necessary suggestions.

Microblading eyebrows is a detailed procedure that needs to be done meticulously and might take up to 1-2 hours.

Before beginning the procedure, the esthetician will apply a topical numbing ointment to alleviate the discomfort of microblading eyebrows. Once the patient is comfortable, the esthetician will start with the procedure.

With the help of a microblading tool, the esthetician will make fine superficial cuts in and along the eyebrows and deposit colour pigments over the arches to seep into the hairlike cuts.

The patient will get a ‘scraping’ kind of a sensation, but the pain would be minimal and bearable.

How is microblading different from getting a permanent tattoo?

It is essential to note microblading eyebrows isn’t similar to getting tattooed eyebrows. Microblading and tattooing have several striking differences.

Firstly, microblading isn’t a permanent procedure like tattooing. It is a semi-permanent process, the effect of which can last up to three years depending on the skin type and your disposition towards its maintenance

Also, in place of the traditional tattoo gun, it makes use of the microblading tool with tiny needles and the colour pigments aren’t deeply embedded in the skin as done in the case of a tattoo.

Moreover, the pigment used in microblading is different from what is used in tattooing. The dye particles are less concentrated in the microblading pigment to give your brows a softer and more naturalistic look.

In the case of microblading, the body eventually metabolises the ingrained pigment and this is how it fades away after some time, unlike a permanent tattoo.

Who can opt for microblading?

If you have been grappling with slashed confidence owing to your thin or sparse eyebrows, you are the right candidate!

For all listed reasons below, you can opt for microblading without any apprehensions.

  • Unsymmetrical, thin or sparse eyebrows
  • Overplucked eyebrows that don’t grow anymore
  • Alopecia or chemotherapy patients whose brows have been affected
  • People who wish to avert the hassles of makeup every day
  • People who need to stay outdoors for a long time and are looking for waterproof, sweatproof solutions

Thin or sparse eyebrows could be due to reasons beyond the ones listed here, but you can opt for microblading if you desire stunning, fuller eyebrows.

Also, microblading can be carried out on any skin tone and you can get the desired natural-looking eyebrow shade.

What are the risks involved in microblading?

All cosmetic procedures including microblading involve a few risks that you must be aware of before undergoing the procedure.

  • Bacterial infections can occur if hygiene is compromised

    It is essential to look for a licensed esthetician to carry out the procedure. Microblading involves minor cuts on the skin that exposes the skin to bacterial infections and other infectious diseases, if not done properly and hygienically.

    It is thus recommended to undergo the procedure at a well-known dermatologist’s clinic to ensure the safety and credibility of the procedure.

    Meraki Skin Clinic in Gurugram is a safe haven to seek expert consultation for all your skin issues.

  • Beware of any allergic reactions

    Although rare, allergic reactions to the organic pigments used in microblading dye persist. Consulting a dermatologist can help you confirm any allergies and ensure a safe and hassle-free procedure.

But, at the same time, it is important to note that all these problems are subjective to the individual and the esthetician/ dermatologist carrying out the procedure. If all due precautions are taken post-procedure, the risks of skin infection are minimised.

The SPCP also ascertains that the risks involved in permanent / semi-permanent cosmetic procedures are rare if the procedure is carried out by a well-trained, licensed expert, the ambience is hygienic, and the equipment used is properly sterilised.

What should you expect after the microblading procedure?

After the procedure, the eyebrows might appear darker than what they are intended to look like.

During this time, the patient might be expected to use an antibacterial soap on the face, avoid long exposure to water, avoid direct sunlight and activities that involve sweating, avoid using makeup or scrubs near the brow area and maintain good hygiene.

The patient might experience mild redness and swelling and their eyebrows might appear to be sharper due to scabbing and healing, but all these are normal post-procedural symptoms.

The microblading results can last for about 1- 2 years or even longer. Some people might need a touch-up after 4-8 weeks to finalise their brows. The dermatologist can guide you the best depending on your skin type and brow issue.

The dermatologists at Meraki Skin Clinic in Gurgaon have extensive experience and are adept at their job. You can consult them for any skin or hair related issues, worry-free.

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