Skin that tends to rash out easily turns red on going out in the sun, heat, spicy food, etc. is sensitive skin. These skin types tend to sunburn easily rather than tan. Sensitivity can either be localized to specific areas such as cheeks, lips, etc. or can be generalized all over the face. People with this kind of skin type are often wary of skincare products to apply. Common over the counter products tends to cause redness and allergy.

Skin sensitivity is a characteristic that one has since the teenage years, as it is hereditary in its causes. Sometimes, one can develop sensitivity after undergoing multiple skin peeling sessions, aggressive laser treatments, and overzealous treatment of acne. If not done under proper guidance and care of an expert, these treatments can result in sensitivity and redness.


This may not always be the case. While in some instances, patients also show tendencies for other allergies like metals, artificial jewelry, detergents, etc., others may not show any such feature.


  • 1. Wearing a sunscreen

    Since someone with sensitive skin tends to react more to sunlight, it is thus very crucial to use proper sunblock and sun protection. Sunrays have a heating effect on the surface, causing redness and inflammation. It has been recommended that one employs a broad-spectrum sunscreen while also stepping outside while inside the house. This is to protect from the light exposure from the computer screens and cell phones. In addition to wearing a sunblock, while stepping out, one must take extra physical protection with scarfs, goggles, etc. the sunscreen should have a minimum SPF of 30. It must contain physical blockers like zinc oxide, titanium oxide, etc.

  • 2. Moisturizing well

    An extra layer of moisturizer is what the skin needs as a barrier to protect itself from environmental insults. The preferred product for such skin types would be something without added fragrance and preservatives. A hypoallergic bland moisturizer would be a product of choice.

  • 3. Gentle cleanser

    The detergents used in the cleanser often tend to be harsh on the skin and rob the surface of its protective lipid layer. This can further worsen the skin sensitivity. Gentle soap-free cleansers do not leave the skin dry and stretchy.

  • 4. Hypoallergic cosmetics

    Products with “hypoallergic” labels mean that the product claims to cause fewer allergic reactions.

For individuals with sensitive skin, the foremost rule would be to consult a skin specialist to arrive at the right skincare products for their skin.

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